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We understand how preserving the integrity of your imagery and design all starts with knowledge, application experience, and consistency of the print process.


The success of your branded message comes from the simple yet effective principle that repetition breeds familiarity and this familiarity in imagery comes from consistent color regardless of the printing platform and substrate.


As proven print professionals, we have the experience required to produce and distribute innovative retail graphics and beauty gondola updates, with international distribution.​


Also, have the peace-of-mind that any photographic Lambda or Duratrans printing is being produced using latex-based, non-VOC, odorless, and heavy metal-free inks that are UL Green Guard compliant. Read more about our sustainability initiative to learn more...

Expressive Visuals Labda Printing

The example above is a photo of a print that serves as an example of our high-resolution print capabilities. Note the detail of the skin pores, brows, lashes and eyes.


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